Working with single-use stainless steel DJARU instruments will improve or even abolish the whole process preceding sterilisation as well as sterilisation itself. If you follow the procedure, you’ll save an average of 2 hours / 2 hours and a half in your workday.

Everytime you will use a DJARU instrument for piercing, as it will be brand new, it will also be free of flaws thanks to our 100% control.

100% control means every DJARU single-use stainless steel instrument is checked according to a number of criteria (look, function…). When these criteria aren’t met, the product is pulled out of the manufacturing chain, so you have zero risk of it being shipped to you.

The expiry date appears on our products label, on the sachets and on the dispenser box. Together with other legal notice (such as batch number and product reference), the manufacturing date and the use-by date of your product are also featured. Labels can be easily stocked on your client record for easier traceability.

The shelf life period of our products is three years.

It’s better to store our products away from light and humidity. They are shipped in dispenser boxes for easier storage and access to your instruments.

DJARU instruments are perfect for you if you’re looking for the same sensations and precision as with instruments you have to sterilize.

They allow you to keep your habits and benefit from a top-quality product with the same features as those you are used to.

We also thought about your clients and designed a super-fine grip that will leave sensitive zones traceless.

There is no risk of confusion, as the metal of DJARU products is not shiny but matt. 

We also put a single-use logo on our instruments (see below) to remind you that they are not to be re-used.

We remind you that those are single-use sterile instruments. They have never been used before, so there is less risk of infection for your clients.

Products are sold sterile. This allows you to skip all steps of your control process. By using our single-use stainless steel instruments, you’re free from all these steps because we follow them for you and provide you with a ready-for-use product. All you will have to do is stick your re-useable traceability label on your client file. How could it be simpler?

You’ll significantly save on such disposable products as pre-disinfectant products, shoe covers, protection masks, table drapes, sterilisation sachets, bowiedick tests, etc. 

In the end, you will gain better control of your budget.

Without single-use products, all steps from pre-disinfection to sterilisation unfortunately consume a lot of chemicals, disposable products, water and electricity. There is no recycling, and chemicals go straight from your basin to your sink and to wastewater.